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Deciding on types of animals you will sit

Posted on July 12, 2018 at 2:45 PM

One of the first decisions you will need to make is what types of animals you will sit. Everyone has a comfort level for different types of animals based on experience or lack there of. However just because you don't have experience does not mean you can't handle it. Very early I sat for 2 bunnies Jack and Daniel. The owner was very organized and had am and pm bags of greens for each bunny, for everyday they were gone, in the fridge. Later I sat for 2 corgies and the owner had chickens as well, all she asked me to do once in a while was to close the coop door at night after they all went in and open it in the am. Some times I had to put more feed out for them. The bonus was she would tip me with a 6 eggs occasionally. I have been asked to feed/fresh water for birds. I even had to feed mealworms to a turtle. Which was an after thought on the list on the counter from the client, something they forgot to mention on the client visit. Even if you are just there for the dog(s) or cat(s) ask if there are other pets in the house, do the kids have fish or hampsters, etc.?

When you do the client visit you can decide on a case by case bases which animals you will care for. This will depend on the amount of work involved, whether you are comfortable with giving live food to reptiles, risk factor involved (i.e. chickens can sometimes come up and kick you), and how organized and easy the client makes it for you. If the extra pets require more work then your normal visit time then you would charge extra. Some people have a per pet extra charge or some just tack on 15 min. and have a set rate for that. You decide.

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