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Skittish Dogs

Posted on June 22, 2018 at 9:25 PM

Ferra was very scared of me when I first visited her, I was not able to get near her.You need to give these dogs time and space. Do not try to force attention, let them warm up to you on their own by building trust that you will not harm them. This can take one visit to several years. With skittish/fear aggression dogs you sometimes have to "herd" them. If they have a fenced in backyard open the sliding door, walk behind them and they will run outside to get away from you. Hopefully they will do their business. Then open the sliding door and walk behind them and herd them back" into the house.

Ferra eventually warmed up to me running to the door for attention with her "sister" Abby every time I came over. I was able to leash them up and have great long walks. I have dealt with many dogs like this who eventually warm up, however some never do. I had a German Short Haired Pointer I sat for 4 years and petted (one touch with hand) 5 times, but those are a very small percent. Trust your instincts and watch the dogs body language. Remember a wagging tail does not always mean the dog is happy to see you, look for facial clues. Is the dog coming to you or shying away, does their tail straighten when you approach them? These clues with help keep you safe and help build trust by not invading the dogs space until they are ready.

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