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Summer means busy

Posted on June 14, 2018 at 6:40 PM

Summer is coming soon and you are probably getting lots of requests already. Since summer is very busy you need to streamline your communication methods and booking requests. That means you need to have a set policy of how you want potential and current clients to communicate with you like emailing or texting. For potential clinets it's a good idea to have a form on your website for them to fill in the details of the pets and what their needs are, then you can decide if that is a service you provide or area you service saving you time on the phone. You can call back the ones you can help and email  back those that you can't help but maybe you have some colleagues who can so you can refer someone you know who can help them.

With current clients using pet sitting software is the best way for them to book requests. They may still wish to ask your availability before putting a request in so have them call or text you. I like texting because you have a record of what they are asking for in case you forget to write down what you just discussed over the phone. I let all calls go to voice mail if I am out and about and get back to them later, but don't put them off too long clients don't like to be kept waiting.

Since you will be very busy over the summer make sure to schedule some time for yourself. In my pet sitting software the customers had their own portal where they could book requests, check their invoices, etc.. I could type a message in their landing page when they opened their portal. I would list the days/times I was booked even if it was for personal reasons (my time with family or friends). I did this because I sometimes had no employees or just one and they were not available during the time I wanted off. If you have several employees then you will not need to do this as you can just assign the employees that time slot.

Make sure to run your business effeciently and take time for yourself so you have a fun and successful summer and don't burn out.

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